Week 14 – Museums, Tinder Fungus Hunt and Carmen from the Costa Del Sol


The weather doesn’t know what to do with itself recently, temperatures have been bouncing around the low positives melting all the beautiful snow. Nooo, fingers crossed for a decent snowfall soon, I’m itching to try out the old wooden forest skis.This week we visited Vapriikki Museum, had our safety passport exam, learnt some more about plants, had a big group meal, did some planning for the winter guiding task and went foraging for mushrooms and traditional fire starters. But first I want to tell you a story all about how an elderly lady named Carmen from the Costa Del Sol brightened up my Saturday.

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Week 11 – Traditional Wilderness Skills with Turkka


We spent last week learning traditional wilderness skills with Turkka. Who I am told, is the older, Finnish equivalent of Ray Mears. He’s like a walking, talking Encyclopedia of all things outdoors. Everyone was awaiting the week eagerly, as the last time we spent with him – Week 4 – Food Preparation and Cooking – was so enjoyable.


We started the week by celebrating his 70th birthday. Several people asked him why he hadn’t retired. Rather than saying it was because he loved his job, he said it was because his pension was too low, and he needed the money. Smiles all round. He’s an eccentric and loveable character who, in between teaching us, would have the group sniggering with laughter, as he told tales of times gone by.

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