Spoon 45 of 52 – The One Hour Spoon in Yew


I have been meaning to try this for a while – The one hour spoon. I’m not being completely honest with you though, I actually took 1 hour 3 minutes and 50 seconds to make this spoon. Over the last 11 months my whittling has improved a lot, but the speed at which I make these spoons is still slow. I knew a spoon in an hour would be tough for me, it would be especially hard not to get caught up in the small details, trying to get them right. It wasn’t easy, and in between frantic axe work and hasty whittling I am surprised I didn’t stab myself. It also made me realised I need to get another hook knife or two, this would have been a much quicker and precise way to carve the scoop, rather than using a small chisel.

The ocd side of me sees it as unfinished, and the more relaxed side of me sees it as characterful. In ways it is not finished well, it isn’t sanded, the workmanship on the spoon head is poor, it’s rough around the edges, has a faceted underside to the spoon head, is wonky and miss-cut in many places and a dangerously thin neck – all elements that would probably be missing if I had made it more slowly.

I made it from the same batch of yew that my Granddad gave to me a few months ago – an amazing wood to work with. If the knife is sharp enough a smooth waxy finish is created without the need for further treatment.

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Spoon 35 of 52 – The Salt Spoon in Yew


I am not sure about the use of this spoon, so went with a salt spoon. It could be used for adding spices to a sauce of something. It is made from a bit of Yew I found in a pile at my Mum’s house. This pile of wood found its way there from my Granddad – giving some of the wood to my mum, for her fire! Can’t be having that, so I took a couple of pieces for spoon making.

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