Below is a list of what I was wearing and what was in the kayak. As we were camping it meant we didn’t need much in the boat.  I have stated which bits of kit were sponsored or discounted.


  • Speedo Longhair Silicon Cap – Sponsored
  • Orca Neoprene Cap – Probably didn’t need to wear this, but I started wearing it from the first day, and it worked for me, so I decided to keep it on. Got MASSIVE chaffing around my neck though from wearing it for so long though.
  • Googles – Speedo Aquapulse Max Mirror – Sponsored – They had mirrored lenses which was ideal for swimming outside.
  • Silicon Ear Plugs
  • Speedo C16 Wetsuit – Sponsored – Just their standard wetsuit. I didn’t, and still don’t know much about wetsuits, but this one is really cheap compared to others I have seen. It allowed good movement, kept me warm for the whole trip and was my second skin.
  • Zone 3 Neoprene Gloves – I didn’t wear these the whole time, and probably didn’t need to wear them at all to be honest.
  • Blue Seventy Neoprene Booties – I wore these for the whole swim. Again, it was probably warm enough not to wear booties, but I wore them from the start, and they protected my feet from rocks. They had holes in by the end, so I returned them.
  • Swim Secure Donut Tow – Sponsored by Jason Tait from South West Swim. This little bit of kit is essential for open water swimming. It ties around your waist and floats behind you, it makes you visible and you can also put things in it. You don’t even notice it is there when you’re swimming.
  • OverBoard Waterproof Case for phone – Discounted – All in the name really. Worked really well.
  • Spare Earplugs
  • 2Toms Sportsshield Wetsuit lube – Sponsored by Prevent Sportpain who happen to be based in the town I live in, which was a life saver seeing as I got the lube 1 day before the swim. Adam gave me a load of tubes for free, I had never used it before but the product is simply amazing! It allows you to get your wetsuit on and off easily, even when it is wet.
  • Suncream (not shown)