The Route

We did end up tweaking our finishing positions several times. If you expand the map, you can see the proposed daily positions and the actual positions.

We purposely started the swim with shorter distances. Day 1 was 8.5km, Day 2 was 10km and the rest of the days were planned to be 17km. From experience doing multi day long distance challenges, I knew that having a set distance was not always a good thing – in case of injury, fatigue, illness etc. So, although we still aimed for 17km a day, we kept it fluid and took each day as it came, adjusting the distances depending on how I was feeling and where we could actually get the car down to the river.

We drove to and from the river each day from the campsites. We stayed in most of the campsites for 2 nights, meaning we didn’t need to keep setting up and putting down the caravan. And we tried to position the campsites in between the start and end locations of the swims, to minimise driving time.